How I Became a Knitting Machine

How I Became a Yarnin’ Fool!

Would you believe me if I said that the only reason I can knit today is because of a particular kind of knitting style and needle?

It’s true.  My Mom taught me how to knit and crochet when I was a little girl.  Actually, that’s not precisely true.  She tried to teach me and only succeeded in teaching me how to crochet. When it came to knitting, I just could not get those two needles to do the thing properly.  I got frustrated and my Mom somehow grew her patience. Unendingly it seemed. She continued to patiently teach as long as I was willing to be taught, which, in regard to knitting, wasn’t very long. 

Ultimately, I did what any rational (or bratty) young student of the arts might do in that situation :-)  …I told myself I didn’t want to do that silly ole knitting anyway and stuck exclusively to crochet and never looked back.  Until I did.

When I did come back around to knitting it was many decades later. I can’t even say I know why I had a renewed interest. I just did.  It goes like that sometimes, I guess.  This time around, I no longer had my greatest teacher and biggest cheerleader to show me the way, so, I had to find another soul to torture with my inability to move two sticks together in a coordinated dance of creativity. I am happy to say that with the help of the Inter-webs I was able to learn from the best without putting anyone through their paces.  I could rewind my cyber mentors as much as I needed and before long I learned how to knit like a crocheter.

Yes, my lovely fiber friends, I only know how to knit because of learning Continental Style. Oh, and I love to use cable needles almost exclusively.  Somehow, this combination of tools just did the trick for me. This style of knitting allows me to hold and tension the yarn like I do with crochet so it feels familiar.  My hands are comfortable and the muscle memory I had from decades of crochet seemed to somehow aid instead of detract from the motions required in this style of knitting. The cable needles help me to not drop stitches…I don’t really have an explanation for that one, it’s just they are comfortable and I don’t knit like I am trying to put someone’s eye out!

Now that I have this mastered, I feel like a whole new world has opened up for me. So many new stitches to learn, so many more pattern options.  Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty to get on with in the world of crochet, but now I have even more to explore. I am a knitting MACHINE! A yarnin' fool! It’s so exciting! 

What’ is your favorite style of fiber art?  I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time…xoxo



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