Avocado Dyed Yarn

Avocado Yarn

The amazing avocado! So delicious and one of our favorite foods. But did you know that it makes the most gorgeous dye colors? Yep, it’s true! I was surprised to learn so much creativity could be achieved by using the parts that are normally discarded. Avocado skins and pits yield the most incredible tones imagined. From rich pinks to golden browns avocado can do it all. Even blues, purples and blacks – just gorgeous!

What I find wonderful about using avocado for dyeing is that you get slightly different results with each batch.  I know, I know, all hand-dyed yarn is unique so why make this distinction with avocado dye, you ask?  Well, since avocado is an agricultural product the color it produces can depend on where it is grown, age of the fruit, etc.  Differences in water, air, sunshine, temperature, soil all have an impact. Basically, elements native to where the fruit is grown can result in different dye hues. 

Combine these inherent variables with the things that make all hand-dyed yarn unique, such as, the pH of the water used in the dye process, the temperature of the pot, yarn fiber, etc., and you have an extraordinarily unique dye which then produces extraordinary yarn. You get one amazing adventure every single time! Fantastic!

I mix up batches of dye whenever I can, but that really depends on how fast and furiously my family and I can eat the luscious treats. When we accumulate enough skins and pits I make the dye. I know how much you all LOVE these colors so we munch as fast as possible! Believe me, no one here is complaining! 

I have to say, the process is exciting and I am thrilled to bring the result to you, fiber friend! The colors achieved in each batch may mimic what I have offered before, but they will likely never be an exact match. It is amazing to think your end product will be unlike anything else out there.

Uniquely beautiful!  

Just like you!

Until next time…XO

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