The Benefits of Indie and Hand-Dyed Yarn

Hand-Dyed Yarn, Is It Worth the Price?

Recently, I had a discussion with a lovely woman who said regarding my yarn, “But it’s so expensive, I can get the same thing at a craft store for half the price.  Why would I buy from you?”

Well, that was an elephant in the room, for sure.  Still, I was very glad she asked.

We all know that commercially dyed yarn has its benefits, endless piles of perfectly matched colors in all types of synthetic and natural fibers. It’s true, as a hand-dyer I cannot compete with the price of the commercial outlets. They have machines to dye in huge batches, automating the process making the end product very economical.    

But make no mistake. It is not just the color or the processes that makes indie and hand-dyed yarn different than that offered in the big stores.

The yarns used at Barn Yarn are of extremely high-quality fibers sourced from around the world from suppliers that engage in ethical and sustainable practices and are mulesing free.  [Mulesing is a painful method of preventing infection in sheep.]  Many of the yarns are even processed in a mill Peru that focuses on sustainability and supports women in the workplace. The raw fibers are sorted by hand to ensure the highest quality. The Mill uses solar power to run machines used to wash oil, dirt and debris from the raw fibers. Waste water is treated with bacteria that ingest the eco-friendly detergents used in the wash process and produce gas also used to power the mill.

When you purchase a skein of Barn Yarn, you are getting yarn that has been dyed in a very small batch. This makes it nearly impossible for anyone else to have the exact same yarn as you.  Each dyer applies the dyes just a little differently making each batch, even batches of the same colorway, different.   

When you purchase a skein of Barn Yarn, you are getting a high-quality yarn that is like no other. This uniqueness will make your project an heirloom that your family will love for generations to come. It is this philosophy that really sets indie and hand-dyed yarn apart.

It’s a total labor of love! From the farm, to the dye pot, to your finished garment.


Until next time…Happy Yarnin’




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