Caring For Natural Fiber Yarn

Caring For Natural Fiber Luxury Yarn

Ever wonder how to best care for your luxury fiber items? Here are some great tips for keeping your fine fibers looking and feeling great.

Natural fibers do not need regular washing. This is because the fibers themselves have protective qualities that keep dirt from penetrating them. All they really need to freshen them up after pulling them from storage, or even during the wearing season, is to be exposed to fresh air.  Gently shaking them out should loosen dirt particles and pressing them lightly with your fingers should smooth any wrinkles.

If your item is very wrinkled, you can lay the item flat and gently spray a mist of plain cool water across the surface.  Be careful not to soak, just mist lightly. Gently press with a dry towel.  Never rub or agitate the fibers, just placing the towel on top is enough to flatten wrinkles and absorb excess water.  Gently lift the towel and reshape the item, if necessary.  Let the item lay flat until dry.

If you do need to wash due to spills or particles that do not shake out, be sure to always hand wash. These fibers are vulnerable when wet so handle gently. Fibers can felt (bond together forming a solid fabric) if agitated when wet so be sure to move the item as little as possible. Soak for 30 minutes in cool or lukewarm water.  Commercial detergents and soaps can be harsh on the fibers and are not recommended.  Wool wash specifically formulated for luxury fibers can be used but are not necessary. These are wash aids that are low sudsing and can help condition the fibers.  Be sure any wool wash you use is specifically stated as made for natural fibers.  

After the soak, rinse until the water runs clear then gently pat excess water out. Do not wring or scrub the fibers. Never let wet fibers hang.  Be sure to support the item fully when transferring or moving. Laying the item flat on a dry towel then gently rolling it up will help to pull off excess water.  Do not wring the towel.  Carefully, unroll the item from the wet towel and place on a dry towel and reshape.  Let it be until it is fully dry.

When not wearing, be sure to fold your item carefully and place on a shelf or in your preferred storage.  Never hang your hand-made fiber items.  They will stretch and loose shape. 

Finally, be sure the area you choose to store your items is out of direct sunlight and away from damp or extreme heat.

Taking care to wash and store your items properly will ensure they last through the generations.

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